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Revenge is a bitter medicine. It doesn’t cure suffering, hurt and pain. It doesn’t provide closure or remedy for harm done. It only empties one out further. Nor does it undo what has already happened.

One should not allow the flames of hate to consume ones self. It only clouds the light of life from piercing the haze that seeks to smother ones sense of rightness. Blind rage should never be allowed to dominate ones sense of reasoning. An ocean of darkness can easily engulf a person, cause that person to wander lost in a maze of confusion that only deepens ones sense of non-direction and live in a world with no focus.

Regretfully I allowed myself to be consumed with hate in this ocean of darkness and followed a path that ultimately led to the lost of life of an innocent.  Thereafter, 40+ years of self-induced pain and anguish followed.

Fortunately, within my first ten years of suffering imprisonment I found a pathway that served to guide me along this darkness towards light that helped me to realize that to “see” I needed to be real with myself, pay attention to where I was going and follow the brighter side of darkness that guided me towards the light of life.

The following is not an excuse but an explanation behind what brought me to where I am today, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I blame no one but myself for seeking to be older than my years and wanting more than I required. If I had the opportunity to change anything, I would surely do so but life is not like that and we all must live with the choices we make. I can only strive to continue to be the better person I have become and help those I may meet along the way as I have been helped.

This is my story...

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